What is the Future of Electric Toothbrushes?

For the last two years, electric toothbrushes are becoming popular and each year more people adopt the new products. According to various dentists, there are 30 percent of electric toothbrush users, and the number may increase due to high demand for improved oral hygiene. Therefore, manufacturers are likely to embark on massive production to cater for the constantly increasing number of users.

best-electric-toothbrushesThough dental specialists have been giving hopes to electric toothbrush companies, there is still a pressing concern whether everyone will switch to the new models. People adapt to changes at a slower rate, and that is why the manual toothbrush may survive in the market for a while. The reason behind this scenario might be due to the cost of electric toothbrushes, which is typically higher compared to old ones. However, dentists might be some of the key players in convincing people to opt for the electric toothbrush. However, this might happen based on the outlined benefits that can be reaped.

According to a few studies, electric toothbrushes are better plague removers and can be an ideal gum stimulants compared to their counterparts. Apart from what studies show, customers might have a different perception and attitude towards them. For instance, they are battery operated and offer a less hassle task while brushing teeth. Aging people might consider them due to ease of use, without much struggling. Based on numerous dentists’ comments, no matter the type of toothbrush used, its effectiveness may be determined by how it is used. This is a clear indication that all toothbrushes, either manual or electric ones, are reliable!

However, another contradicting opinion by various dentists says electric toothbrushes are more effective than the old ones. Interestingly, customers are likely to go for the new toothbrushes with a notion that they will get better results than ever before. Electric toothbrushes have a base that contain rechargeable battery, and a head that has bristles. The bristles oscillate during brushing, giving a more abrasive power than manual ones. This means you can clean your teeth faster and more effectively, since the bristles can manoeuvre through the teeth to remove tiny and stuck plagues.

healthy teethAccording to experts, people may find it difficult to adopt the new toothbrushes, though they may get used over time. Based on some reviews by electric toothbrush users, some say they don’t seem adaptable, while others say they have continued using them because they are effective compared to manual toothbrushes. Another small number of users say they cannot maintain using the electric toothbrushes, simply because they are too expensive in terms of money. So, something needs to be done so that people can understand the actual benefits of using electric toothbrushes. More info get healthy teeth

Nowadays, everyone is looking for a product that can solve a certain problem. Electric toothbrushes were introduced to provide a more effective way of removing plagues, which in turn can reduce the dental problems. A number of dentists confirm that many of their patients have switched to electric toothbrushes, and they have achieved significant improvements in oral health. Flossing is one of the major challenging issues pertaining to dental care, and electric toothbrushes come with floss-wrapped flywheel that oscillates 35 rotations per second. This feature offers users with an automated flosser, making teeth brushing easier and efficient. Check for more tech tools here.

Manufacturers of manual toothbrushes can also start producing electric toothbrushes, and stay proactive to convince users to use them. Remember users want information, especially the benefits part of it. Even though they are continuously improving manual toothbrushes to suit dental care needs, people will still want a more improved product. Therefore, electric toothbrushes could be their ultimate choice in the future.

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