Safety is Important! New Features of Biometric/Fireproof Gun Safes

safetyIf you own a firearm, safety is quite important because you will have peace of mind even when you are away from home. The biometric gun safes keep your weapons secure by use of a digital lock which can only be broken using your own fingerprint(s). Even an average hunter should have a biometric gun safe since they are more advanced compared to traditional gun safes. You don’t need a key to open it. You are rest assured of nothing to lose or misplace, and more importantly, no one else can access your firearms without your permission.

Days are gone when firearm owners used to hide a key or remembering to carry it. Don’t forget that leaving your firearm placed on the table can be very dangerous especially when the kids are just around. That is why it is a requirement by several states to have a gun safe, and failure to secure a firearm can even lead to huge fines or serving a jail term. Nowadays, manufacturers of gun safes have improved the products through the introduction of biometric models that are more advanced than the traditional gun safes. The new lockups are even becoming cheap such that almost every firearm owner can afford to buy one.

The biometric gun safes come in different sizes and capacities to hold even a dozen of guns or more. In addition, they have been integrated with sophisticated features to ensure maximum security for your guns. When buying your biometric safe, it is advisable to spare some of your time and check the features that are fit for you.

Here are the most vital features for Gun Safes;

Reliable and accurate fingerprint reader

lastNew biometric gun safes have highly reliable and accurate fingerprint sensors. This is not only for easy unlocking, but also reliable access to your firearm. Sometimes it might be difficult to determine which biometric safe is reliable, but you can read the reviews and watch videos to find the top gun safes in shooting&safety. Check to see that the sensor is not taking too long to identify your print. The best safes are those that have been launched recently because the technology used is also advanced. Therefore, first check the newest safes rather than those that have been on the market for almost a decade.

Easy to setup

The new biometric safes are easy to setup and program. This allows the user to utilize its potential fully without unwelcoming challenges. There are those biometric safes that use LED lights to indicate whether the owner has programmed it correctly. Even though they are ideal to use, it might be difficult to know if you have successfully enrolled your fingerprint or fingerprints of other people. So, the best safes come with detailed videos and instructions to ensure you can utilize all its features appropriately. New biometric safes enhance easy enrollment of other users easily, thus saving time and hectic tasks.

Onboard memory

This is essential especially for those that share their safes with other users. Each biometric gun safe has a specific amount of onboard memory to store different copies of prints. New models can store more than a dozen fingerprints, making them reliable for other trusted people to access your firearms. However, the specifications differ from one manufacturer to another. Some models can only hold a few sets of fingerprints.

Fingerprint reader sensitivity

fingerprintThe new biometric gun safes have highly demanding sensor readers, and they may not open if you applied your fingers wrongly. That is why you can also store several sets of your prints at different angles so that the safe can open appropriately. There are those new models that can read all your five prints, while others read only four or just a single print.

Ease of installation

Probably you have been used to gun safes that are stored under the locker or just placed on shelves. Bear in mind that there are the wall-mounted biometric models that you can mount on a wall.  These will need a hole on the wall, which may be done by a professional installer.

Lastly, you need to consider what kind of guns you will be storing in the biometric safe. If you have several firearms including rifles, a larger safe will be appropriate. For smaller pistols and short guns, a relatively smaller safe is ideal. In case you are planning to expand your gun collection in future, buy a larger safe to accommodate them all.

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