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Typical office work involves spending more time while sitting in an office chair. Chances of developing back pains depends on whether the chair is ergonomic, supports lower back, and provides a good sitting posture. For health safety purposes, office comfort should be one of the many factors to consider during office interior designing. Sometimes the issue of office comfort might appear simple and less important as we speak until one develops back pains.

How to Make Your Office More Comfortable?

Ergonomic chairs are plenty in the market, and you can buy one or more to enhance your health safety in the office. Though it is not possible to find 100% perfect office chair, there are some essential features that must be considered while buying an ideal ergonomic office chair. However, people may have different preferences and choices when it comes to choosing an office chair. Some specifications might work best for one individual, and not for another person.

Therefore, we shall look at the essential features of an ergonomic office chair that allows individual user to benefit according to his or her needs.

office chair technology

  1. Adjustable seat height

Having an adjustable seat height is one of the ways to make your office more comfortable. Most office chairs with adjustable feature usually have pneumatic adjustment lever, which is easier to operate. Since people have different needs, we recommend seat height ranging from 16 to 21 inches. The user’s feet should stay flat on the floor, thighs kept in horizontal position, while the arms match the height of the office desk. Remember, the seat height is usually measured from the floor.

  1. Supportive width and depth

An ergonomic office chair should have adequate and supportive width and depth in order to provide enough user comfort. The depth is measured from front to back of the chair, and should be enough to allow the user’s back to rest against the back of the chair, while leaving about 2 inches between the knees and the chair. Width is normally between 17 to 20 inches, but the chair should be adjustable by tilting both forward and backward options.

  1. Lower back support

This is also known as lumbar support, and it is quite essential to any office worker. The inside curve of lumbar spine can be interrupted by long hours of sitting without adequate lower back support. The natural curve may start to flatten, thus straining the other lower spine structures. When buying an ergonomic office chair, check if it has both height and depth for lumbar adjustment purposes.

  1. Backrest of the office chair

The width is the main feature to consider. An ergonomic office chair will offer more comfort if the width of the backrest ranges from 12 to 19 inches. However, there are chairs with separate backrest, but the angle and height should always be adjustable. It should offer support to the inside curve of the spine, as well as support to the lumbar area. If you choose an office chair with combined seat and backrest, first ensure the back and forward angles are safely adjustable.

  1. Seating and backrest material

An ergonomic office chair should have adequate padding on the seating and backrest material in order to offer enough comfort. This can help a user to spend more hours in the office. Porous fabric is better than a hard material in terms of comfort.

Lastly, it is advisable to adjust your office chair regularly. This can be done on weekly basis in order to change the sitting posture. Remember, spine is made of different integrated structures and can develop pains when subjected to a single posture for a long time. If you pay attention to the above five tips, definitely you will convert your office into a more comfortable room.

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