new blow drying methods

Blow Drying Techniques |New Generation Dryers

Blow drying your hair is another method of drying your hair. By using this drying method, it will quickly dry your hair in no time at all. It is also quick and very easy way to get your wet hair dry quickly. If you have a shorter or a shoulder length hair your blow drying session will only take you almost 10 minutes of drying your hair. But if you have a very thick, long and coarse hair it will take a little more time to dry it. Alternatively, blow drying your hair is a very fantastic way to keep it healthy, especially in cold winter months. It is also very important to take note that going outside with your wet hair is not a very safe option because most of the dirt and dust will stick to your wet hair that can cause of hair problems. You should always blow dry your hair quickly. Blow¬† drying your hair also has a proper way to do it. It’s not just turning your device on and just point to your hair. There are the right steps in using it to have a very positive output of your hair.

5 Easy Steps in Blow Drying Your Hair!

  • Make sure that your hair is not too wet to blow dry. Your hair should be in 60 – 65% dry before starting to blow dry. By doing this, it will help your hair to avoid damage that cause by the heat of a blow dryer. Make sure that you towel dry your hair first before starting to blow dry. Also use your hand to comb your hair from the roots when blow drying to have that perfect lift that you’ve wanted.
  • Make sure that you know where to start in blow drying your hair. Many women would end up wrapping their hair in a brush and it will blast with heat that will result to damage hair. Make sure that you are putting your brush in the roots, then roll the brush down to the end of your hair then turn back up. Make sure that your blower is concentrating on the area of your hairline first.
  • Make sure that you are using your hair product in the right area of your hair.If you really want to add volume to your hair make sure that you are putting it to the roots of your hair, avoid putting it at the end of your hair because this will pull your hair down. After finishing blow drying your hair and you are about to put your hair spray, make sure that you spray it from the distance to allow even distribution of hair spray. If you don’t want to have a build up in your hair, do not sprays a close distance in your hair to avoid your hair to collapse. Make sure that you always use the right hair product for your hair to avoid damage to your hair.

new blow drying methods

  • Also consider using a bigger brush to have a smoother hair. Make sure that your brush has a metal in the middle or have a metal core feature so that it will give you a smoother hair. But also remember that when using this kind of brush, this will also heat up like and iron because of its metal core. This will result to damage your hair. If you have a coarse and fly away hair make sure that you will use the traditional nylon or a boar brush because this will help in reducing split ends.
  • Make sure that you will make your hair cool first before proceeding to the next area of your hair. By doing this procedure it will make your blow drying more efficient. Do not over use you hair by continuing to blow dry without cooling first your previous set.

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