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Anywhere you are and anytime you want it.

Wouldn't it be nice to take your favorite morning show with you on the commute to work – not missing a minute of the breaking news or local weather?

With more than 120 stations across the country currently broadcasting mobile television signals, and more on the way, the future of TV is here – and it's mobile. We're not talking about streaming video on your wireless device, we're talking about free, over-the-air signals sent straight to your tablet or smartphone.

Remember the antenna on Grandma Betty's TV? Well that antenna has gotten a whole lot smaller and more modern. Now, it can fit in your laptop, tablet or smartphone and bring you the local TV stations you love (live!) without streaming, buffering and best of all – without eating up your data plan.

Below you can watch videos featuring mobile TV providers Dyle mobile TV and the Mobile 500 Alliance demonstrating the devices and adapters built by manufacturers like Samsung and Belkin that run their mobile TV services.

With numerous local broadcast stations transmitting mobile TV signals, and more consumer devices and adapters coming to market, soon it will be very easy for consumers to get mobile broadcast television on their laptops, tablets and smartphones, without incurring hefty mobile data charges.

Interested in learning more and staying on top of new technologies, developments and legislative issues that will shape the future of mobile TV? Sign up today! And watch the videos below to see how you can get your local news, sports, weather, entertainment and lifesaving emergency information anywhere, anytime.

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