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Water is an essential part of our lives, for without it we can never survive. Every day, thousands of gallons of potable water are flushed down the drain by billions of people all over the world. In fact, about 20% of our water resources are being utilized just to eliminate our bodily wastes. This is a staggering amount considering that many places in the planet that does not even have access to safe drinking water and are often experiencing droughts. Fortunately, waterless toilets are slowly becoming a trend not just in those areas but in well-supplied cities as well. In other words, your toilet will no longer need water to flush down your liquid and solid wastes. This idea may immediately seem nasty and outdated for some people, but it is actually as modern as it could be. Given the right information and education, you can transform your toilet into an efficient and environmentally friendly one without going overboard with your budget.

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Types of Waterless Toilets

The most popular variation of waterless toilets is the composting toilet or CT. It is well-known because of its ability to turn your waste into a fertilizer for your garden, much like the original pit latrine in the past. The difference between the CT and the pit latrine is that it is more hygienic, advanced and you don’t necessarily have to deal with the smell if you maintain it properly. In order to successfully convert your waste to fertilizer, you need to consider the temperature, pH levels, moisture and other important nutrients to make sure that it is safe for use as plant food. It is helpful to regularly dump dried leaves and saw dust on your toilet to aid with the decomposition and odor control. 

Based on the number of people in your household, the bathroom structure and preferred location for the compost, you can choose between self-contained and remote systems for your toilet. The former means that the waste will be composted and broken down within the toilet itself. You need to inspect the compost every three to six months. For bathroom floors that have a concrete slab, this is the optimal choice since it can readily be installed without having to destroy anything. On the other hand, the remote system means that a hole is dug on the ground to accommodate a composting pit where the waste will become transported from your toilet bowl. Composting toilets can be equipped with exhaust fans and heaters to hasten the composting and reduce the smell. 

Another example of the waterless technology is the incinerating toilet. The wastes do not break down through biological processes but will be incinerated or burned instead and are transformed into ashes. The only downside is that you would need to buy propane and include a converter to avoid fumes from fossil fuels produced by the incineration which are a bit pricey. You may compare top rated toilets’ features and prices in visual charts from PickaToilet.


The last variation is the waterless urinal that is most commonly used in large establishments and restaurants in the metropolitan areas and is usually targeted towards men. Given the number of people who are using regular urinals, it surely is no wonder why manufacturers have developed this kind of product. Waterless urinals do not water pipes for flushing but rather depend on gravity to drain the liquid which will then be transported to a treatment plant.

Environmental Benefits

The birth of the waterless toilet technology does not only contribute to water conservation in areas that are suffering from dry spells, it also helps prevent unaffected areas from experiencing the same dilemma. Monthly water bills will become lowered since a significant amount of water usage will become eliminated and put to better use. But what people may not realize is that this system actually helps us recycle our waste which just normally goes down the sewer, into something that is truly useful. Fertilizers that are full of chemicals are harmful to our health, so it is great to have something that is all-natural and safe. 



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