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Ensuring Viewers' Are Not Denied New and Better TV Services

The future of TV is bright, and we want to ensure it stays that way. Viewers are just beginning to realize the full potential of digital TV, including the best quality HD, additional free channels and mobile TV. And ultra HD and 3D television is on the horizon.

But decisions made by the federal government about how the airwaves are used could impact television's ability to innovate.

Wireless companies claim that they need more spectrum (or airwaves) – including airwaves that local TV stations currently use to provide free services – to meet the demands of increasing wireless Internet services. In response, Congress passed a law in 2012 allowing an auction of broadcast TV airwaves for those stations that choose to participate.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of advocates like you, the law includes protections to help prevent viewers from losing access to free broadcast TV and all of the news, emergency information, sports and entertainment you expect and deserve.

Now, it is up to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to implement the legislation, and we must ensure that they follow through on that promise to ensure viewers like you are not harmed.

Broadcasters are excited about the future; we are innovating and developing new technologies and integrating new platforms to deliver the best shows on TV when and where viewers want to watch them.

We want to ensure that TV viewers have access to the great services they currently receive and those on the horizon. Sign up to learn more about this issue and find out what you can do to help ensure government actions don't threaten your local TV service.

Learn more about spectrum (or airwaves) with Spectrum 101 (in Spanish).

Sign up to learn more about this issue and find out what you can do to help ensure the government doesn't prevent you from getting all the new services and channels available for free with digital television.